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Destroy the corrupted disassemblers before they destroy you.  PURGE THE SYSTEM!  Red, Green, and Blue Dissasemblers are each weak to one type of ammo (Green->Red->Blue->Green) Switch ammo with the scroll wheel or ‘Q’ and ‘E’ keys. Have fun!

  • It’s insanely hard!
  • There’s a color matching dynamic that’s not documented in the controls
  • Ran out of time for lots of animation.
  • Only one weapon, only one enemy.
  • Would totally do again.


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Team No Disassemble!

It’s been an amazing 72 hours of jammination.   Sometime today we’ll post a unity-web-player version of our 72 hour game, Nanofault.

A jam team never finishes everything they plan out; if they do, they’re not ambitious enough.  That said, we have a ton of great things happening in a playable, 3d game, made in 72 hours (most of it in 48!).  A giant thanks to all the team – every one of us has poured a lot of bits, sweat and tears into the product, and it’s been an amazing weekend!

A second giant thanks to our wonderful spouses and ladyfriends – we literally could not make a game like this without your love, support and ability to conjure food from lands far away.  AW YEAH LADIES, THIS GAME WAS POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF YOU.

Team No Disassemble is:

Brian Doyle

Brandon Fallout

Sean Siem

Jason (Trafficone)

More to follow soon!

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